Monday, November 23, 2009

For the last several days I've been working on my "new" blog...that's quite humorous considering my "old" one isn't of much to tell the difference? heeheehee
Okay, for real I've been learning how to make my blog be what I want it to be. I find peace in that, maybe that's what has kept me from being what I consider a "real" blogger. I'm just not "cookie-cutter" in any way, form or fashion. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. And I never liked all the "ready-made" templates for blogs. So I suffered from a bout of embarassment. I chuckle, not really embarassed (like when your skirt is tucked into the back of your panties and you don't know) but kinda. But to me a blog is personal to the person writing it so it should be a reflection of who they are, their style. And up until now other people's designs weren't cuttin' it for me.
But between homeschooling my oldest 2, keeping the 2 year old out of trouble, cooking, cleaning, keeping my sanity,being 8 months pregnant, preparing for the holidays....i won't go on. Well, just one more thing...AND the fact that my 2 year old I mentioned two lines up had mysteriously found the USB cable to my camera and then mysteriously lost it just adds to the chaos ( I can't upload ANY recent pictures!). sigh...................But ALAS, I am making progress! If I don't find the cable today, I will purchase another one TODAY :o) And I'm almost done/ready to make "MY BLOG" a reality!
So again, not that anybody is reading this....heeheeheehehee.....but maybe one day when I make it to the big time this will be in my archives, oh my humble beginnings will be revealed.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I laugh, oh how I laugh

Okay, so I haven't posted as soon as I'd hoped. But I'm getting there....LOL....still not ready for anybody to know I actually have a blog. heeheehee...But you know, I's got's lot's to talk about, plenty, really! It's just finding the time. And figuring out how add all the pictures, links, bling-bling....everything that makes your blog "cool". I'm figuring it out.
Patience :o)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just a sap

Okay, I've done it again....made myself feel like a sap. Okay, it's been 5 months since my last post....arrrrrggggghhhh! I've got to figure out a way to make this a priority...because it really is important to me. I read other blogs faithfully, never comment because I'm too embarassed they'll look at mine and think I'm just a stalker, but seriously...faithfully! I need a blogging weekend. So I can really figure this thing out and do it right. I think if I knew how to post pictures quickly, and work it all ...quickly....I would do it "right". So although I know nobody is actually reading this, pray for me...better yet...."Lord, could you help me find time in my busy, busy day to do this really fun thing that I really, really want to do? Thank you, I know i will figure it out. Because if these Mom's who have 5, 9, 12 kids, homeschool, run an at-home business, knit, do hand embroidery, grow their own organic vegetable garden, cut firewood, milk cows, herd sheep,churn butter,all while being 8 months pregnant with triplets......I know this mother of 3, with one on the way who homeschools, and does some of those things can too. :o) Thanks Lord!"
We'll, see what happens........heeheeeheeeheheee

Friday, May 15, 2009

Yard-salin' Friday (and Saturday too if I can get away with it!)

Woo-hoo..............yesterday I saw the sign! Yep, tis the season for savings! One of the very large neighborhoods in our little town is having their community-wide sale tomorrow. That means that there is the possibility of very wealthy, and sometimes snooty people practically giving their stuff away. heeehheeheheheheheee......I sound like the Grinch right now laughing, heeheheeheheehe...okay, enough! Anyway, the kiddos and I are going to head out in a bit and see what we can NOT live without. But first a trip to the ATM.....update to follow :o)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow! Okay first of all, I just learned how to upload pictures to my blog....for real, I'm LOL...but it's because it's a time thing. I want to do this thing so bad, but it takes time.....uggggghhhh! But okay, so here it goes....

The first picture is of us when we were dating.....12 years ago! And the next is one of my bridal portraits. It was taken on the back lawn of Oak Hill, the home of Martha Berry. This is the house Reese Witherspoon "pretended" to be hers in "Sweet Home Alabama".

This picture is of Adam and myself exiting the church on our wedding day....almost 10 years ago. And yes that is silly string hanging from his suit....crazy cousins. Another story for another day. But I love this picture, it makes me smile, a LOT! And it is a good start to getting pictures on my blog. I like telling stories with pictures.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speaking of feathers, eggs and spring-time....I beginning to think my husband's new name for me might just be right! I'm just your average, everyday Ellie-May Clampett! Although we do not live out in the "boonies" by any means we are surrounded by wildlife it seems! We have a horse farm behind us....gotta love those smells when I turn on the a/c in my van, ewwwwww...we also have a pack of coyotes that roam the woods behind our house. I had the good fortune of hearing from their latest catch Tuesday night....ewwwwwww again, poor little Peter Rabbit! And the latest is the ongoing saga of the "mother-dove" on my front porch. About two months ago we had one make a nest in a holly bush in front of our porch. Now mind you I can see how the birds might confuse our house with the trees because we have 3-story and it feels at times we are on a mountaintop, especially if it's storming. Nonetheless....once the 3 babies were ripe she flew the coop and so did they. Well, now about 3 weeks ago I felt the amazing urge to clean my front porch and get all my winter-worn flower pots ready for some new flowers. And much to my surprise ( I actually screamed!) there's a new mama-dove in a pot in one of my planters. This of course has ignited a fire of new interest in my children for birds, eggs (ornothology, I think is what it's called...I'm just the teacher, what do I know LOL). But today as we checked on her we noticed one of the eggs on the porch and it was cracked, but there was a bird in there. And just now when I checked again that egg was moving! So I did the only thing any good Mama would do.....with a piece of paper I scooped it up and put it back in it's nest with it's sibling. I know that goes against everything we've always heard about leaving nature alone b/c the mama may abandon it. Well, at this point I'm the only hope that baby's got b/c mother dove "ain't gonna be scooping that baby up anytime soon :o) We will see what happens. I do know the bird is alive because it was moving around. That is a good sign. And of course while all this drama was unfolding the neighbor kids just happened to be here, so now they're in on the excitement too. My friends always said I was a baby magnet......

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Lovely Day!

Okay, I'm getting the hang of this thing :o) I can do every other day.....I think!
We had the best day on Wednesday. The kids and I made boiled eggs (we need the shells for a project) and we had egg salad sandwiches. We (well, I) put together a picnic lunch and met Adam. We actually spent about an hour at the Chatahoochee River. It was soooooooo beautiful. A great day to bask in God's greatness. Pictures to follow soon. We had such a great time, Harrison especially loved it. He threw rocks, got in the mud and of course walked right into the water. We saw several men fly-fishing, we saw a flock of geese enjoying the day as well. Thank you Lord for sharing your goodness!
Before heading home we stopped at the Goodwill (for snooty types you won't enjoy this). But let me tell you, I hit the "mother-lode" joke! I was looking for some fabric and I needed to grab Harrison some shorts since he spilled nearly a whole bottle of water on him(no, he didn't get them wet at the river....he waited until we got into the van a poured his drinking water on himself....bahahahhahaaa, just like a boy!). As I was perusing the drapery, blanket, and towel section my eagle eye spotted two ginormous bags of what appeared to be "FRINGE"....yes, that's right, one of my love's. As I heard this little-old lady as the Goodwill attendent "what is that?" she quickly replied with "i have no idea".....I knew it was MINE! I felt like the wicked step-mother on Snow White plotting and scheming.....and in seconds my eyes gazed upon my find. And I'm still a little shaky when I say it out loud, but as I looked at the sticker I had to pick my bottom lip off the floor! $5.59 on each still my beating heart! "No stinkin way!" oh yeah, I didn't care if it "hair-lipped" the governor I was getting that. (pictures to follow of course). Once I had a real opportunity to look it over I'm thinking if I tried to buy it brand new at the fabric store I'm looking at paying at least $100 easy. "Hallelujah!" My creative brain is still high......can't wait to put it all in action. I also picked up a beautiful white, solid, heavy turkey platter for $5, a classy gold lamp with a tacky-white trash looking shade (already removed of course) for $7, and another great find.....white, tab-top, checkered, sheer panels....two pair for $8. They have even been dry-cleaned and pressed! We had some when we got married and they were cream colored. I used those things over and over and over and "mistreated"(see the Nester for definition of this wonderful term :o) them in every way. I think I eventually gave them away so I know that seed was sewn and now harvested!
I truly love good deals and it's not so much getting things "cheap" but the adventure of the find! It's like a treasure hunt for me......I love a good challenge :o)
More to come later...............gotta go highlight my hair (my hairdresser is on a cruise.....the week of Easter! oh well, I'm glad for her, she's hardworking and deserves it.....and my hair budget is getting used for something else fun!)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm laughing, really laughing!

Okay, once again....I desire so much to blog...really, I do! I'm trying to figure out how I can do this. I may have to give up facebook...nah, not doing that. Although I did give up myspace(not a hard decision since it seems it has been taken over by crazies!) Anyway, I want to do this because I enjoy the idea. So I know I'll figure it out.
Life is good and we're entertaining the idea of moving. I would love to move to the house that we've got our eye on. Details to come later.
But the kids are great. Everyone is growing and healthy. Spring fever has hit all of us, but unfortunately our weather is so unpredictable we go from one extreme to another on a weekly basis! Crazy for sure. Just two days ago we had 70 degree weather and today 40's and snowing :o) And then the sun will peek out for a few minutes and then back to snowing! LOL As much as I want warm weather the longer it stays cold the fewer nasty mosquitos and bugs we have this summer. So I'm at peace with whatever we have.
Until my next post........

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Aaaaaggghhh!!!!! Where does the time go? It is 2009. My oldest, Wade, will be 8 years old next month. As I sigh, I have to remember there is a season for everything. I would love to post something on here every day, but it's looking like once a week is a hurdle! But everybody's doing great. We're easing our way back into school this week. Evalyn lost another tooth last night and has two more that are loose. Wade is jealous (only b/c that means $$$$ for EMW) but he fails to remember all the teeth he lost when it was only a dream to Evalyn! Harrison is doing great. We're heading to the gym today. No "resolutions" just trying to keep it real!
Until next time...........