Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm laughing, really laughing!

Okay, once again....I desire so much to blog...really, I do! I'm trying to figure out how I can do this. I may have to give up facebook...nah, not doing that. Although I did give up myspace(not a hard decision since it seems it has been taken over by crazies!) Anyway, I want to do this because I enjoy the idea. So I know I'll figure it out.
Life is good and we're entertaining the idea of moving. I would love to move to the house that we've got our eye on. Details to come later.
But the kids are great. Everyone is growing and healthy. Spring fever has hit all of us, but unfortunately our weather is so unpredictable we go from one extreme to another on a weekly basis! Crazy for sure. Just two days ago we had 70 degree weather and today 40's and snowing :o) And then the sun will peek out for a few minutes and then back to snowing! LOL As much as I want warm weather the longer it stays cold the fewer nasty mosquitos and bugs we have this summer. So I'm at peace with whatever we have.
Until my next post........

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