Monday, November 23, 2009

For the last several days I've been working on my "new" blog...that's quite humorous considering my "old" one isn't of much to tell the difference? heeheehee
Okay, for real I've been learning how to make my blog be what I want it to be. I find peace in that, maybe that's what has kept me from being what I consider a "real" blogger. I'm just not "cookie-cutter" in any way, form or fashion. I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. And I never liked all the "ready-made" templates for blogs. So I suffered from a bout of embarassment. I chuckle, not really embarassed (like when your skirt is tucked into the back of your panties and you don't know) but kinda. But to me a blog is personal to the person writing it so it should be a reflection of who they are, their style. And up until now other people's designs weren't cuttin' it for me.
But between homeschooling my oldest 2, keeping the 2 year old out of trouble, cooking, cleaning, keeping my sanity,being 8 months pregnant, preparing for the holidays....i won't go on. Well, just one more thing...AND the fact that my 2 year old I mentioned two lines up had mysteriously found the USB cable to my camera and then mysteriously lost it just adds to the chaos ( I can't upload ANY recent pictures!). sigh...................But ALAS, I am making progress! If I don't find the cable today, I will purchase another one TODAY :o) And I'm almost done/ready to make "MY BLOG" a reality!
So again, not that anybody is reading this....heeheeheehehee.....but maybe one day when I make it to the big time this will be in my archives, oh my humble beginnings will be revealed.