Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Lovely Day!

Okay, I'm getting the hang of this thing :o) I can do every other day.....I think!
We had the best day on Wednesday. The kids and I made boiled eggs (we need the shells for a project) and we had egg salad sandwiches. We (well, I) put together a picnic lunch and met Adam. We actually spent about an hour at the Chatahoochee River. It was soooooooo beautiful. A great day to bask in God's greatness. Pictures to follow soon. We had such a great time, Harrison especially loved it. He threw rocks, got in the mud and of course walked right into the water. We saw several men fly-fishing, we saw a flock of geese enjoying the day as well. Thank you Lord for sharing your goodness!
Before heading home we stopped at the Goodwill (for snooty types you won't enjoy this). But let me tell you, I hit the "mother-lode" joke! I was looking for some fabric and I needed to grab Harrison some shorts since he spilled nearly a whole bottle of water on him(no, he didn't get them wet at the river....he waited until we got into the van a poured his drinking water on himself....bahahahhahaaa, just like a boy!). As I was perusing the drapery, blanket, and towel section my eagle eye spotted two ginormous bags of what appeared to be "FRINGE"....yes, that's right, one of my love's. As I heard this little-old lady as the Goodwill attendent "what is that?" she quickly replied with "i have no idea".....I knew it was MINE! I felt like the wicked step-mother on Snow White plotting and scheming.....and in seconds my eyes gazed upon my find. And I'm still a little shaky when I say it out loud, but as I looked at the sticker I had to pick my bottom lip off the floor! $5.59 on each still my beating heart! "No stinkin way!" oh yeah, I didn't care if it "hair-lipped" the governor I was getting that. (pictures to follow of course). Once I had a real opportunity to look it over I'm thinking if I tried to buy it brand new at the fabric store I'm looking at paying at least $100 easy. "Hallelujah!" My creative brain is still high......can't wait to put it all in action. I also picked up a beautiful white, solid, heavy turkey platter for $5, a classy gold lamp with a tacky-white trash looking shade (already removed of course) for $7, and another great find.....white, tab-top, checkered, sheer panels....two pair for $8. They have even been dry-cleaned and pressed! We had some when we got married and they were cream colored. I used those things over and over and over and "mistreated"(see the Nester for definition of this wonderful term :o) them in every way. I think I eventually gave them away so I know that seed was sewn and now harvested!
I truly love good deals and it's not so much getting things "cheap" but the adventure of the find! It's like a treasure hunt for me......I love a good challenge :o)
More to come later...............gotta go highlight my hair (my hairdresser is on a cruise.....the week of Easter! oh well, I'm glad for her, she's hardworking and deserves it.....and my hair budget is getting used for something else fun!)

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