Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow! Okay first of all, I just learned how to upload pictures to my blog....for real, I'm LOL...but it's because it's a time thing. I want to do this thing so bad, but it takes time.....uggggghhhh! But okay, so here it goes....

The first picture is of us when we were dating.....12 years ago! And the next is one of my bridal portraits. It was taken on the back lawn of Oak Hill, the home of Martha Berry. This is the house Reese Witherspoon "pretended" to be hers in "Sweet Home Alabama".

This picture is of Adam and myself exiting the church on our wedding day....almost 10 years ago. And yes that is silly string hanging from his suit....crazy cousins. Another story for another day. But I love this picture, it makes me smile, a LOT! And it is a good start to getting pictures on my blog. I like telling stories with pictures.

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